April (Left) and Michelle (Right) both grew up together in Hong Kong, before coming to Boston for college. April concentrates in Technology, Entrepreneurship, Design at Babson College and Michelle majors in Psychology at Wellesley College. 

When April came up with an initial idea for these cards, it was only natural for her to reach out to Michelle. April ended up composing a 2 page document that detailed the heart behind the idea to ask Michelle to consider combining her passion for poetry with April's design skills. 

Their first meeting on it was one where they sat cross-legged in Michelle's apartment, with scrap pieces of paper scribbled around them.


They wanted to create something unconventional and impactful, something more than the already existing traditional sympathy cards. As inspiration dawned, they were rejuvenated by a sense of purpose and the endless creative possibilities. 

However, their weekly meetings slowly dipped as other workloads started to take priority. As they experienced the frustrating roller coaster of any creative process, they wandered through a period of what seemed like stagnated growth.


Summer 2017, Michelle and April finally decided to pour out what they had bottled up in their imaginations into reality. They committed to launching a Kickstarter campaign as a first concrete step. From there, many people have joined in on it and helped, like Sophie Park with videography/photography and Jinna Oh with social media marketing.