Creating space for humility and other-centeredness to transform our conversations and relationships.

We believe that there is a need for us, in times of societal division, personal ups and downs and even in the mundane of everyday life to carve out time and space for intentional connection. That means — more listening, understanding and empathy for others. Each one of us has a valuable story to bring to the table, and a meaningful voice to occupy a seat.

How does it work? Instead of having product launch parties, we are committed to creating a new Gentle Space each time. We host the first one, then invite you to do the same.

A Gentle Space: Stories of Overcoming

As part of our launch for Stories of Overcoming card line, we gathered individuals who each had a different perspective to share, to talk about their experiences with themes such as unconditional love, hope, vulnerability, and fearlessness. In the space created, we shared our stories, in-process vulnerabilities and intertwined our thoughts with each other over a good meal.

We hope our first Gentle Space serves as an inspiration for you to create your own with our free resource package.

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Wellesley, MA | November 2018:


more gentle spaces to come.


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